Skopje, Macedonia!

IMG_0537I was very thankful to be able to visit Macedonia earlier this year with Defne.  We spent two days in Skopje, the capital.  Macedonia is known as the Disneyland of statues. I can understand, however, considering their history, that they would put up quite a few statues of famous Macedonians, which include a completely historically irrelevant man named Philip and his lazy, do-nothing son Alexander, as seen above. But I digress… 🙂

All of this tourist eye candy (and a lot more) were in a short walk of each other, so it was very easy to see everything in the relatively small city center. We had a chance to meet up with some locals and they took us around the town, the people here are really warm and friendly.

I (as usual) also gave the local kitties some love.  This one was very friendly! 🙂


Skopje is a good two day visit, and it’s not very expensive.  The currency is the Macedonian dinar and 100 denar equals to $1.87. Best to bring dollars or euros as those are easiest to transfer from one currency to another.  Major items (hotel rooms, etc) are also charged in Euro.   Most of the young people speak English, but many of the older generation does not, as I do recall Defne and I having a little bit of difficulty communicating with the locals.  Since I lived in Croatia, I managed to get by with the Serbo-Croatian I knew, and that was good enough, but if you’re not so fluent in Serbo-Croatian, best to have a phrasebook with you or keep Uncle Google at the ready.

More to come!


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