Tel Aviv– Food, Fashion and Felines!

After 3 amazing days in Jerusalem, Defne and I spent another 2 days in Tel Aviv.  I have so much love for this city. The beach and the way the city is constructed reminds me a lot of San Francisco, my hometown,  so I felt quite at home in Tel Aviv. The weather was very overcast, as it was February, but during the day the temperature rose to the mid 60s  so it was very nice to be outdoors, although it was still too chilly to in the evenings to walk around without a heavy jacket. Here are a few gorgeous beach shots…




The secondhand fashion was amazing, I really went crazy going to all of the stores. This was my favorite one:


Scored this amazing tunic there… still my main go-to for summer wear or for layering in the spring/fall.  It says “Stop, Play, Pause”



There was another store in downtown Tel Aviv where I bought this AMAZING pair pants and jacket combo…and yes, my animal-loving PETA obsessed readers, the pants are MOCK leather, but it looks just like the real thing but they were way more stretchy and comfortable!  They weren’t cheap, but they were worth every penny… I mean shekel!




Of course the evenings by the beach were very chilly… time for soup and traditional delicious Israeli Sahlab! Just what the doctor ordered!


Tel Aviv also has some AMAZING Asian food… this was some of the tastiest and strangest sushi I have ever tried, but it was simply fantastic!  Have you ever seen sushi like this?



After dinner I went back to the hotel on the beach to walk and chill a bit.  And the cats were out… everywhere!  Some were quite friendly! Those who know me know that I am an avid cat lover, so I always am happy to give the local felines some love.


Tel Aviv was wonderful and I hope to return one day soon. It was quite the contrast of historical Jerusalem,  but a welcome contrast as after 3 days of history I was ready for some beach, shopping, good food, and cats, and Tel Aviv did not disappoint!  Went back to Croatia with a very heavy heart indeed and a full belly!

More to come!



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