Dubrovnik! (Finally)

After calling Croatia home for nearly a year now, I’ve finally gotten the chance to visit Dubrovnik, (one of) the home(s) of Game of Thrones. It is a breathtakingly beautiful city with beautiful coast lines and a stunning old town. The winter weather is actually pretty good with temps reaching 15c during the day, but it’s quite chilly at night, around 5-6c. January is quite boring as many of the shops and restaurants are closed; most of their shops run seasonally. Everything’s open in the summer and closed in the winter. But lack of good shopping aside, that doesn’t detract from the insane beauty of the city. Here are some more shots….

I almost expect to see little Tyrian Lannister walking down these stairs with his older brother Jaime…. yes I am too much of a nerd, I’ll admit it. LOL. But the city itself is grossly underrated when it comes to its sheer beauty. In spite of this, however, I don’t see myself living here. It is probably the most expensive city in all of Croatia but there is simply not as much to do here…, and during the summers it’s so busy and packed with tourists one can’t even walk down the streets without bumping into other people en masse. In addition, there no good secondhand to speak of. I went to desigual and found this gem of a dress…

…but the locals say that everyone goes to split or Zagreb to go shopping, which I believe because of the lack of good clothing stores I’ve seen so far here. Oh well, one can’t have it all I guess. I’m back home to Zagreb tonight and back to the daily grind– teaching– tomorrow. Been a pretty great weekend. Here are a few more lovely shots of the city….


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