Amsterdam. Rotterdam. Haarlem.

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem.

It’s nearly been a week now since I’ve been back in The Netherlands. I really do love this country. The Dutch are really really classy and polite and they all speak English fantastically, probably due to the fact that, like the Croats, they don’t dub their English programming into Dutch but watch it subtitled in English. The Dutch have a really high standard of living. Things here are very expensive but generally, top quality. The bike is the preferred form of transportation, though they have a good bus and metro system for those 1% of their citizens and visitors, like me, who haven’t a clue about the fine art of bike riding. The bikes you see in Amsterdam are really amazing… Whole families come together for tour de force cycling.  Case in point:


However this concept probably wouldn’t go over so well in the states, as the bikers and the cars share a street and it’s a lot more dangerous say biking in San Francisco. No parents would ride a bike on the streets with their kids, submitting them to the road rage of aggressive drivers. But in Amsterdam they have amazing bike lanes planted firmly in between the sidewalk and the street so both pedestrians and drivers can stay happy.

My time in Amsterdam went by in a BLUR, I hate to say it, I was sick for most of the time, unfortunately. The weather kept changing and I also ate something funky the day after I came and spent the better part of 48 hours throwing up and trying to work whatever it was out of my system, leaving little if any time for sightseeing, so this is why there is a lack of pictures from Amsterdam. I was still feeling slightly ill after arriving in Rotterdam. My trip there too was cut short because my hostess had to go to Belgium earlier than expected, meaning I had to leave too. I did however grab a few shots of the city as well as tried on this really cute jumpsuit.

I arrived in Haarlem today, feeling 90% well again, and am totally amazed by this city. I like Haarlem far more than Amsterdam. More locals, FAR less tourists, and it’s still a breathtaking city.  If I were to move anywhere in the Netherlands it would be Haarlem. Here are some shots to wow you.


I will return to Amsterdam briefly this weekend and will either go to Luxembourg or directly to Munich, depending on finances and schedule. Munich will be the last leg of the trip before returning to Croatia. I am tired and nearly ready to go home. I need to go back to work. I’m getting bored. I miss the sun and warmth of Zagreb, which will still be nice deep into September.
The weather has turned lovely even in Holland, too. For the past few days, I haven’t even needed a jacket during the afternoons. I think the warmer weather is helping to speed my recovery.

More to come soon. 😀


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