Spent a brief 2.5 days in the second biggest city in Germany, Hamburg. It’s a lovely little city, and the second city in Germany I’ve visited so far. I like it so much more than Berlin. Berlin is a huge busy city like NYC or London and the people are rather cold and indifferent. The flavor of Hamburg is much more friendly. It’s a very diverse city with a beautiful city center.   The first day I came it rained all evening so I wasn’t able to really sighsee. Thankfully the weather on the 2nd day was much nicer so I was able to do some sightseeing and shopping.  I will leave you with some photos and highlights:


It’s really a lovely city; if I had to choose between living in Berlin and living in Hamburg I totally would choose Hamburg, as it’s smaller and a bit more accessible.  I still managed to get lost on the U-bahn though and take the wrong line. But it wasn’t nearly as much as I got lost in Berlin.  I can’t wait to compare both Berlin and Hamburg with Munich that probably will be my last stop before returning home to Zagreb.

Now time for a quick hamburger dash here in Hamburg before running off to the Netherlands.

More to come.



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