Lviv, Ukraine.

Arrived in Lviv after a 7 hour bus ride from Chernitvsi. I was a little nervous as I didn’t have Lindsay around to translate for me.  I was very surprised that no one spoke English at the Lviv bus station since Lviv is a big and a very tourist city. I managed, however to find the bus taking me to the city center where my hostel was located. I was also able to help this Spanish couple who was also visiting and needed help finding out where to go.

Lviv is a very nice city. I felt a bit more comfortable here alone as a minority than I did in Chernitvsi where everyone was really staring at me. Lviv is a vibrant city with many tourists and so far I’ve seen quite a few people of color on the streets. I still get stares, but I feel more comfortable being in a place where there is a bit more diversity so I’m not seen as quite so exotic here.


I think my favorite was definitely the Putin toilet paper! 😀

I met some fellow travelers from China, France, and Germany and we all went out to this really traditional restaurant named Kryyvika that was once a bunker used in WWI and WWII. They keep it very traditionally themed… so traditional we had to enter with a password… “Slava Ukrainy!” (Glory to Ukraine) and then they would let us in.  We ended up sharing a meat platter which was delicious.  The boys sampled the beers but I stuck with Coke.


Then after that, we took photos with traditional guns (mock) and helmets:


I wasn’t quite dressed right for the occasion but you get what I mean.  We saw a lot of other photos and memorials from darker days, war times… Kryyvika is somewhat a museum….


Good times!

It rained all day yesterday so that stopped me from wanting to do very much outside. I did, however, go shopping at a second hand shop and came out with this gorgeous gem of a dress for the super expensive price of 3 euro 40. It was a total steal and I was so happy as anyone who knows me knows my passion for second hand fashion. Finding a beautiful dress or shoes for the right price is like a pirate finding buried treasure.  And this dress is totally gorgeous.



Thankfully the rain has stopped today, the sun is back out, and I am bound for Warsaw, Poland tonight on an overnight bus, and should arrive tomorrow at around 6:50AM.  I am so happy to go back to Warsaw as since I lived there for 1.5 years last year, I still consider it home. I can’t wait to reconnect and catch up with old friends and colleagues. Keep your fingers crossed that there won’t be any drama crossing the border back to the EU from Ukraine. I’m a little sad I won’t be able to visit Kiev, however it saves me something to do in Ukraine next time.   Thank you, Ukraine, it’s been a pleasure! Slava Ukrainy!


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