Chervnitsi. The University. Borsch, shopping, and more.

Chervnitsi, Ukraine can definitely be considered a university town, and the town boasts the most beautiful University in Ukraine, and one of the most beautiful universities in the whole of Europe, and that ain’t no lie.  That was the first stop on Lindsay and my itinerary after we woke up the next morning to continue our adventure.  First I’ll post the photos, then I’ll explain a bit about this unique university. So without further ado, here they are.  It looks like Hogwarts, doesn’t it?

A little history about the university…  taken from this website:

The university was founded in 1875, succeeding the Chernivtsi Higher Theological School, which had existed since 1827. Until 1918 it was known as Franz-Josefs Universitat, with German as the language of instruction and separate departments of Ukrainian and Romanian language and literature. From 1919 to 1940 it was the Universitatea Regele Carol i din Cernăuţi, with instruction in Romanian, and in 1940 it became the Chernivtsi State University, with instruction in Ukrainian. Public efforts to rename the university in honor of Yurii Fedkovych, led by the literary scholar Yevhen Kyryliuk, for many years did not gain the consent of the Soviet authorities, but in 1989 Fedkovych finally became the university’s patron. In 2000 the university was granted a national university status and its name was changed to Chernivtsi National University.

The university is also now on the UNESCO heritage site list.  I was so happy to visit. It is a gorgeous university. In addition to it being a fully functional university, on Sundays many couples choose to get married there, and I totally don’t blame them as the wedding pictures would be simply fabulous!

After a long day of chasing educational pursuits, Lindsay and I were very hungry. We asked around and found a good restaurant.  The next thing to note about Chernivtsi was the traditional food. Cheap and delicious.

From left to right, Lindsay ordered Ukranian Borsch, I ordered the Pelmeni (dumpling) soup and both soups were accompanied by toast. And no ladies and gents, that’s not butter on top of the bread, it’s LARD.  Gross I know, but I tried it and it wasn’t bad.  The soups were simply amazing as well as filling. We came hungry and left happy.

After that, we went shopping in several boutiques.  It’s really funny when I asked for a certain size, the shopkeepers keep asking me if I was really that size. Like they didn’t believe me when I said I was a size 36… lol.  Lindsay says that it’s typical for the shopkeepers to contradict you about your size. But still I insisted and tried on some dresses that turned out to be the perfect size.

The first two were lovely, but I walked out with the third dress that was totally amazing. 😀 It fit perfectly and everyone in the store complimented me on how good it looked. The shopkeeper was a sweet woman who spoke English very well and was very sweet!  She gave us recommendations for other things to do in the city and she was so helpful.

Lindsay and I were tired after that so we went back to the hostel where she taught me two games, a Hobbit inspired card game as well as my personal favorite card game called Hanabi, which is Japanese for “fireworks”.  We spent all evening playing and then went to bed early because Lindsay had to go back to her town in Ukraine the next day and I had a ticket to Lviv.

Great times in Chernivtsi!  Next stop: Lviv!

What do you think of the university, the food, and the clothes?  Leave me a comment!

More to come!


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