Angloville Program

Currently on Day 5 of a week long Angloville program. It’s amazing being with all of these fun and funny Romanian participants and native speakers.  The Romanian participants are all at different levels from really weak English to very proficient, and everything in between.  We are staying at a hotel near Bran castle.

Yesterday we went into Bran on a scavenger hunt near the castle. Here are a few nature photos…


It really is a lovely little village with beautiful scenery.  Half of the group didn’t want to go into the castle (there was a massive line) so we all sat down in a little pub/cafe/restaurant and had drinks while the ones who wanted to go to the castle went in. Others of our group shopped for souvenirs near the castle.

The Romanian participants are really lovely people from all walks of life.  We have two women named Cristina. Ironically, one works as a cardiologist while the other works for a tobacco company!  😀 There is another participant named Stefan who’s shy but speaks English pretty well. He is giving me and another native speaking participant, Lindsay,  a ride up to Suceva, Romania, near the Ukrainian border so we will be able to get a bus or train across to Ukraine. Lindsay and I plan to spend the day in Chernivtsi, and then I will leave the next day to Lviv and she will leave to the Ukranian city she lives in. I’ll spend a day or 2 in Lviv before heading back to my beloved Poland for a few days!  I can’t wait!

I love holidays!  More to come!



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