The ugliest statue in Bucharest with a better butt than Kim Kardashian.

Bucharest has been so amazing and awe inspiring that I will try to cover my experiences completely here in many different posts.  On the tour of the city today offered us by the Angloville programme , a point of reference was this statue, the Emperor Trajan holding the She-Wolf, considered to be the ugliest statue in all of Bucharest.

Just for reference, on the left side of the She-Wolf’s head, a snake is supposed to emerge, so that is what’s supposed to be the long appendage to the She-wolf. However for some reason the snake’s head is non-existent. Many people thought it had broken off at some point, however this is not the case. It turns out that this statue was built that way.

However, the best thing for me was definitely the back side of the emperor’s statue. He has a toosh that would make Kim Kardashian herself run back to her plastic surgeon in order to pump her behind with concrete.  Without further ado…

Back view:


Side view:


Pretty impressive, right? Trajan’s got back! I’m jealous. 😀 I had to give it a slap. 😀


The ugliest statue in Budapest.  What do you think?  Have you seen uglier statues before?  Or statues with better booties? Let me know in the comments….

More to come!




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